San Nicolaas centre

Known as Aruba’s Sunrise Side, San Nicolaas was once a bustling company town. Now it’s in a come back with it’s great painted walls and Carubian festival.

The paintings are remainings of the Aruba Art Festival of 2016. Right now the centre is an outside exhibition. It is really amazing to see these colorful pieces of art.

Most visitors don’t have the opportunity to experience Aruba’s cultural highlight of the year – Carnival (or, as they call it, Carnaval). But now you can discover the colorful spirit of Aruba’s Carnival and island culture every Thursday evening at the Carrubian Festival right in the heart of San Nicolas. This event will take place from around june till december. In the other months there are some other events on the thursdays and also for free.

Location: san nicolaas Subject: Buildings

November 24, 2016