Bushiribana ruins

It was 1824 when gold was first found on Aruba. The gold mill of Bushiribana is built in 1874 by Aruba Island Gold mining Company. The famous Aruban bricklayer or masons at the time, Alexander Donati along with a few other bricklayers of Curacao were hired to lift the massive rock.

These people had to use cranes of wooden beams to put the rocks in place. An old fashioned grind mill was being built.

The idea was to grind the rocks into dust. The mill would be powered by the powerful wind of the northeast sea. The dust would leave the clumps of gold behind to be picked up. But they did not have pure gold yet. This had to be achieved by melting the gold and letting it attach itself to quicksilver.

Location: paradera Subject: Buildings

December 12, 2016