Natural bridges

Aruba’s roughest beaches on the north east and south east side form these beautiful natural bridges which make unique landscapes. The bigest one collapsed on September 2, 2005. There is still a nice bridge there just a bit smaller. A really nice three armed bridge is found at Blackstone beach.

To see the north east part you will need a four-wheel drive. A little bit lower of the east coast you can do with a normal car, but just watch out for the sand paths and stones, especially when it rains. 

You can enter at Bushiribana and go to the left till the edge of the natural bridge there or go to the right till the other, most popular, natural bridge. From there you can take a half an hour walk to Blackstone beach to see the three armed bridge, or go there by four-wheel drive.

Location: paradera , san nicolaas Subject: Nature

April 5, 2017