Faded glory Noord

‘Faded glory’ can be very beautiful and mysterious. At Aruba you can find a lot of nice faded glory and ruins, like in Noord. Some of the places are being restored, some of them are just left behind.

The shipwreck is a different story. The Antilla (the shipwreck) was a German merchant ship,launched in 1939, which was used to supply U-boats in the Caribbean. After the invasion of Germany in the Netherlands, the ship was surrounded by Dutch Marines and was asked to surrender.

The captain didn’t want to surrender to the enemy, so he stoke the boilers and then turned the valves open so the boilers exploded and the ship sank within 8 minutes. The wreck, one of the largest in the Caribbean, is now a popular diving location.

Location: noord , oranjestad Subject: Buildings

February 19, 2016