Aruban Shoco

The subspecies Aruban Burrowing Owl has a small body -about 20 cm (~7.9″) in length- with long legs and a flat facial disc typical of the owl family. The body is buffy-colored with the upper-parts being brown with white spots. Underparts are light brown to white with some brown spotting and barring. It is much paler than sub-species on the continent.

After Aruba Birdlife Conservation’s campaign to save the Aruban Burrowing Owl, or so called Shoco, from going extinct, it was declared Aruba’s fifth national symbol in January 2012. There are more species of birds whose numbers are decreasing dramatically, among which our Brown-throated Parakeet, one of the aforementioned endemic subspecies, and the Crested Bobwhite for instance.

Location: oranjestad , santa cruz Subject: Animals

May 14, 2017